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Pacific Power and Light was the electrical contractor for the above house.

Customer Testimonials

I am a very satisfied Pacific Power & Light photovoltaic customer.

I began researching PV for my home in Waimānalo in early October 2012, by talking with neighbors who were happy with the 6 different companies who had installed their PV systems. I had 4 of the companies send representatives to my home. I was impressed especially with Jim Carter from PP&L, his many years as a licensed electrician, his ability to explain to me all the aspects of a PV installation (the science of solar cells, financing, state and HECO inspection, etc.) and his fair pricing for quality products & work. I also liked the idea of working with a small company, where Jim would do the work himself.

Jim and his crew came promptly on Oct. 24 to begin the installation, completing the job several days later. Jim even returned to my home at Thanksgiving time, getting up on the roof to explain the system to my Mainland son visiting for the holiday. With Jim’s monitoring, the C&C of Honolulu completed both the building and electrical inspections and HECO completed the net metering installation by the first week of February 2013. Furthermore, I appreciate immensely the fact that Jim continues to monitor my system; mahalo!

A final comment I’d like to make: I was home when the C&C electrical inspector made his inspection. He looked me in the eye and said he never had any worries when he inspected a job done by Pacific Power & Light, because Jim’s work was always done RIGHT!

Aloha, ~Barb Mayer - Waimānalo


Dear Jim:

I wanted to thank you for the great service and skillful work during the installation of our photovoltaic system. The amount of panels seems to be exactly what we need, and they are all working well,, as predicted. We are paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $16.82 per month (the minimum amount.) I would recommend your company, Pacific Power and Light, to anyone who wants a photovoltaic system . You also gave us the best price of anyone we talked to.


~Jack and Bess Burke


Jim Carter runs a very professional company for all your electrical needs and at a great value foryour money.

I had a service panel upgrade and a 7.14KW photovoltaic system installed and Pacific Power & Light always showed up when scheduled and on time.

 I was always kept informed onthe progress of permits/HECO connection schedule (the longest part of the process).

I am a very satisfied customer.

~Noel Owen – Kailua, HI


I chose to write this letter of recommendation because I feel that Pacific Power & Light has done a great job in getting my electrical needs up to date.

A project long overdue and I’ve searched for about 8 months to find the right person for the job; most other electricians at the time were too busy to commit or prices were extremely high to deter any business of doing a meticulous and consuming job like the one I had for my residence.

Though I have just met Jim Carter, president of Pacific Power & Light, in viewing his work references it made me feel that he would be the right person to do this job.  He was able to meet me at my preferred time for the sire inspection.  He was flexible with the problems that came up and changes that arose throughout this project.  He maintained a close communication with me until the job was done.  He is very patient with a client like me and has very clean work habits.

I plan to do more for my residence at a later date and would definitely be contacting Pacific Power & Light to do any of my electrical needs.

~ June Miyakawa – Kaneohe, HI


 I installed a photo-voltaic system in 2012-2013, and I chose Jim Carter of Pacific Power & Light (PPL) as my contractor because I wanted customized “battery back-up”.

Not many electricians or solar contractors have experience with this type of system, but Jim has installed several, mostly on the Big Island. My PV system is now up and running and my electric meter is happily spinning backwards!

In addition, and because of their great service on the PV install, I also had PPL install new underground electric service to my home, and I will be having PPL do the interior wiring of my new addition as well.

Jim has consistently been a great communicator, and has performed as promised. Any small corrections I felt were needed were handled right away and very courteously.

Mahalo nui loa to Jim and his crew!

Liz Jackson of Kailua


My PV experience with “Pacific Power & Light”

The hardest choice you’ll face with when you’re in the market for a PV system is “Which company do you go with”? There’s so many of them out there, how do you choose one?. It’s so easy to get lured in with a brand name PV Company because of  their advertisements, presentation, and credits they offer you to make you feel like you’re getting the best deal in town.

I had questions and concerns like, how much will the system cost me? My tax credit breakdown? What type of PV panels do I go with? When can you start? How long will it take to inspect and close out my PV system permit? Quality installation? Warranty? Etc..and the list goes on. Trust me you will need a GPS to navigate you thru all those concerns or you can go with Pacific Power and Light.

My experience with “Pacific Power & Light was the best compared to stories I heard from other home owners. If you want a PV company who does great work, quality workmanship and attention to detail when installing a PV system. A company that will ensure the PV system installed will meet your electrical needs to lower your electric bill and reduce your carbon foot print at the same time, then Pacific Power and Light is the PV Company I would highly recommend you to go with for your PV system needs.

PP&L will design a PV system for your home and provide a cost breakdown that will be similar to a brand name PV company, minus all the hype and drama. During the installation, majority, if not all PV companies will install their systems within 4 to 6 hours. PP&L will do it in a 3 day span to ensure quality workmanship is achieved.  1st day: installed PV panel mounting rails and seal roofing, 2nd day: install PV panels, 3rd day: electrical wires / conduit and turn on PV system. At the end of the week my PV system was inspected and permit closed out in order for HECO to installed my new Net meter.

In summary PP&L met all my PV system needs and expectations. Provided me with the best price compared to brand name PV companies. Jim Carter did an excellent job from start to finish with my PV system. My electrical bill now went from $190.00 a month down to $13.98, I fell off my chair when I got my 1st electric bill. Pacific Power and Light is the only way to go.

~Terry Calaustro

Home Owner in Waialua

PV system installed: Nov 2012


Dear Jim,

This is a note of appreciation for your work here.  As you know, it has been a misadventure building this house and vacation rental.  I had been dealing with undependable contractors and subcontractors until I found you to do electrical work here.

You arrived when you said you would and did the work in a calm, efficient and professional manner.  I greatly appreciate it.

If you ever need a referral, I would be pleased to provide it – and you may show this letter to whomever you would need.


~Judy Schuman

Kona Pacific View

A Vacation Rental/Farmlet – Kailua Kona, HI


Feb. 25, 2013

Pacific Power & Light installed a photovoltaic system for us in November 2012. From beginning to end, it was a job well done. Jim Carter met with us to discuss our requirements and within a few days came back with a clear, written proposal.  He sat down and explained the proposal to us and answered all our questions. He did not pressure us but was very responsive and moved the process along.

We accepted the proposal and Pacific Power & Light scheduled the work soon after. It was truly a turnkey solution. We did not have to worry about anything. Permit applications were submitted immediately and approvals granted quickly.  Work proceeded and was completed in a few days. I was concerned with possible damage to our roof and Pacific Power and Light contacted our roofer to ensure the panels were installed securely and with no damage to our roof. The crew was hardworking, professional and pleasant throughout.

When work was completed, we immediately started to enjoy the savings and benefits of the PV system. Pacific Power & Light took care of all the work – installation of panels and all the electrical. We did not have to wait to schedule an electrician.

Upon completion, Pacific Power & Light scheduled the construction and electrical inspections. Jim Carter followed this process carefully and was present when the inspections took place. We, the homeowners, did not have to worry about this.

We have been very pleased with our system, including the design and installation process. Pacific Power and Light did a great job and was super responsive during the entire process. I would highly recommend them for your photovoltaic system.


Bob and Julia Putes

Kaneohe, Hi. 96744


To whom it may concern:

Pacific Power & Light, LLC has recently replaced 200 amp electrical meter- circuit breaker panel and accessories along with the associated wiring damaged due to an electrical short serving my residence located @ Awahiwa street.

Needless to mention that this work required an emergency response, Pacific Power & Light were at task accordingly and completed the job in a professional manner”

~Nuti Pandurangasayi, P.E., C.E.M.

LEED APDirector of Engineering – Dorvin D. Leis Co., Inc.


Dear Jim,

Since your first project with me in 2007, you have provided outstanding service for the group of vacation rentals I manage.  The quality of work is always top-notch and knowing you stand behind your work is a comfort.  The fact that you are ON TIME is a rarity here in Hawaii and is an indicator to me of your commitment to your work.

I appreciate the way you inform me of my choices and treat me, the customer, with respect.

My job is much improved because of the way you do yours.

With gratitude,

Jeri Baumgardner


 January 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to provide a reference for Jim Carter and his company. Jim Carter, through his company, has been a valued and appreciated independent vendor with Clark Realty Preoprty Management since 2005.

Mr. Carter has and continues currently to provide electrical repair services for the Clark Realty Corporations’ Residential Management Division. He always provided prompt and thorough services and we rely on him heavily for most all of our rental properties electrical repair needs.

I have found Jim Carter, as well as his staff, to be reliable, repsonsible and honest workers. He and his staff take pride in accomplishing their jobs to the highest degree of safety and satisfaction for their clients.


Linda Sasaki, R (S), RMP Property Manager Clark Relay Corp. Prop. Mgmt., Residential Division


March 2009

To Whom It May Concern;

As a construction firm involved in multi-million dollar custom projects, we have utilized Jim Carter and his company for the last year and a half. During this time, I have been personally involved with every aspect of working with Jim and his company and have experienced nothing but consummate professionalism and am happy to call them part of our team!

Jim’s company has provided us with comprehensive and fair project estimates and/or proposals, which have covered most every phase required during electrical operations for the projects. Our construction agreements have also always been fairly balanced and detailed.

Jim and his staff have performed every phase of executing our agreements in a manner which I would refer to as “the best I’ve seen” of not only an electrical subcontractor, but any subcontractor during my 15 years of experience building high end custom homes and commercial buildings in both Hawaii and Arizona. Their skill and knowledge of their trade is clearly evident by their daily progress on every project, their detail in attacking the project against schedules and deadlines, and their ability to troubleshoot any problem-solving required for those ”custom” operations.

It has been also a bonus to not have any surprises at the end of a project. Jim’s company sticks to their proposal/estimate and ensures the customer is always treated fairly.

In short, I would highly recommend Jim and his team to anyone considering electrical work residentially or commercially. It is rare today to find a person, let alone a company, that you can count on. You can count on Jim and his company.


Tom Derryberry – President Ultimo Development – Kailua Kona, HI


May 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this Letter of Recommendation for Mr. James Carter and his company. We just completed building our residence in North Kona, and I chose Jim from among several applicants as the Electrical Contractor for the project. I am highly satisfied with him and his whole company’s workmanship, professionalism, responsibility, and willingness to be helpful.

While our two story residence was being built, we also received our “Solar Package”, shipped in from the mainland. This application includes 40 large panels that are now mounted on the southern roof. The “net metering” arrangement necessitated extensive complex wiring and careful calculations, all of which were mastered by Jim and his employees.

We also operate a Coffee Farm, and I was able to call on Jim to solve several electrical issues on the power net for the mill and dryer. Furthermore, we were very comfortable to call on Jim for some minor problems in our Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Overall, we see Jim as a very effective Master Electrician with very good management and people skills. He is a person you’d love to have as your neighbor, and definitely as your electrician.

~Dr. Hans F. Eckert – Owner, Operator Lyman Kona Coffee Farms and Mago Sunset BnB Inn Kailua Kona, HI